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Training on reputational risk management at the enterprise by Gulnara Timurshina

28 september, 2022

BETAR was visited by Gulnara Timurshina, a media trainer and mentor of entrepreneurs with one of the most difficult topics. How to manage reputational risks in an enterprise? What is an incident and how to correctly work out the negative in the information field? Gulnara provided a clear algorithm and real cases. For the BETAR team, live situations were thought out and presented, together we learned how to competently oppose the interlocutor, during the business game, specific steps were analyzed, the correct move and possible mistakes were noted. For 4 hours, employees were immersed in a new, not familiar area for everyone, where they had to put themselves in the place of the head of the sales department and make important decisions, be a manager representing the interests of the company and work with consumer objections. On behalf of our friendly team and the entire BETAR company, we thank Gulnara for the interesting presentation of the material, the ability to tell simply about difficult things, the time spent and active participation in the development of young employees.