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Household water meters PVM-15 Magnetic Water Transducer

Преобразователь воды магнитный ПВМ-15 Performance:

The PVM-15 magnetic water transducer is designed for use in public water systems, that is for treatment of water, which flows in pipelines at a temperature from 5 to 90 °C and pressure not more than 1,0 MPa (10 kgf/cm2) by the magnetic field of special configuration for prevention of forming and cleaning of water heating elements from scale. The water treated by the transducer is used only for engineering purposes.


The basic element of the PVM-15 magnetic water transducer is a multi-polar rare-earth tubular magnet, inside which a worm is located. Water, flowing through the transducer, repeats the contour of the worm and undergoes changes under effect of the magnetic field. This results in crystallization directly in water mass, rather than on the walls of pipes or other surfaces, for example heating devices.

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