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Household water meters The electronic meters for cold and hot water SHVE and SGVE with built-in radio channel

Электронные СХВЭ и СГВЭ с радиоканалом NB-IoT ВЕГА Performance:

Electronic water meters SHV and SGV are intended for measuring the volume of cold and hot potable water. The meters are ideal for installation in apartments and cottages, as well as for wireless data transmission in combination with the AMR system built on the LPWAN technology based on the NB-IoT protocol. Built-in radio channel allows transmitting meter readings, as well as emergency messages about emergency situations in mobile network.
6 years calibration period 6 years calibration period
42 months or 6 000 packets sent over the radio - warranty period 42 months or 6 000 packets sent over the radio - warranty period

Radio channel operation

The basis of the LPWAN technology data transfer principle (based on the NB-IoT protocol) at the physical level is the property of radio systems - an increase in the communication range with a decrease in the transmission speed.

A distinctive feature of NB-IoT is the use of the existing infrastructure base of mobile operators. The licensed frequency spectrum is used for data transmission. The following bands are defined in Russia — B20 (800MHz), B8 (900MHz) and B3(1800MHz).

A device with a NB-IoT module transmits data over the air to a base station. The station receives signals from all devices within its range and transmits to a remote server. The data obtained on the server is used to display and analyze data, build reports and make decisions.


  • Metrological class C (with horizontal installation).
  • Extended Dynamic Range R100.
  • Minimum starting flow rate.


  • Optical port for meter configuration.
  • Wireless data transfer using LPWAN technology based on NB-IoT protocol.
  • Ability to work in any mobile networks.


  • External magnetic field sensor.
  • Screen lock with long-term influence of an external magnetic field.
  • Leak detection.
  • Pipeline break detection.
  • Urgent transmission of an emergency message.

Documentation and technical characteristics of the testimony