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Household water meters SGBU

СГБУ Performance:

The SGBU household ultrasonic gas meter is designed to measure gas volume in case of gas consumption metering by individual consumers in housing and utilities infrastructure. <br> The SGBU gas meters are distinguished by the attractive design, compact size, noiseless operation and a possibility to measure the flow of gas in both directions (there is an arrow indicating the flow and its direction on the liquid crystal display). <br> During operation of the meters, the level of the battery residual capacity is monitored constantly and if 90% of the battery power is consumed, replacement warning appears on the LCD. <br>
12 year calibration period 12 year calibration period
Protection class from dust and water penetration GOST 14254-2015 Protection class from dust and water penetration GOST 14254-2015
Warranty life is 3 years Warranty life is 3 years


The meter counter equipped with a radio channel (433 or 868 MHz), can be used in the automated system of revenue metering of heat energy consumption.
BETAR remote meters are used in own Smart House Automated Meter Reading System.


The SGBU gas meter with thermal correction brings measured gas volume in balance with temperature 20 °C. It enables a consumer to pay only for factual consumed gas regardless of seasonal gas temperature.

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