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Domestic ultrasonic heat meter KARAT-Compact 2-223 BETAR with radio LoRaWAN™, digital wire interfaces M-Bus or RS-485

c LoRaWAN™, M-Bus или RS-485 Performance:

Domestic heat meters KARAT-Compact 2-223 BETAR are designed for commercial metering of heat energy consumption in closed water heat supply systems in the field of domestic consumption. They are ideal for installation in apartments, small industrial premises and offices with horizontal heating distribution. The meters have a liquid crystal indicator, which displays the value of the measured heat energy, as well as additional parameters (water volume, water temperature in the supply and return pipelines, temperature difference, instantaneous volumetric water flow, instantaneous heat output, etc.). Meters keep an archive of the values of these parameters, the number of archive records depends on the period (monthly, daily, hourly, etc.). Structurally, the meters are manufactured in the MB version (monoblock). For data transmission as part of dispatching systems, the meters are optionally equipped with wired and wireless interfaces. For a more detailed description of meters, please contact our partner - NPO Karat
5 year calibration period 5 year calibration period
5 year garantee period 5 year garantee period
Соответствует техническому регламенту Таможенного союза Соответствует техническому регламенту Таможенного союза "Электромагнитная совместимость технических средств"


  • ultrasonic measuring principle based on one composite part
  • no pressure loss in the measuring section


  • optical port for meter installation
  • pulse input / output
    • 3V - three inputs for pulse outputs of water or electricity meters
    • 2V / 1I - two inputs and one pulse output
  • digital wire interface
    • M-Bus
    • RS-485
  • wireless interface - LPWAN technology radio channel based on LoRaWAN ™ protocol (with the ability to work in various LoRaWAN ™ networks)

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