SHV-15, SGV-15

SHV-15 SHV-15 SGV-15
Meters are designed for the measurement of cold and hot potable water flowing through the pipeline at water temperatures from 5ºС up to 40ºС for cold water meters (SHV) and from 5ºС up to 90ºС for hot water meters (SGV) and a maximum working pressure of 1,0 MPa (10 kgf/sm2).
Being multifunctional and made of heat-resistant materials the SGV meter can be applied both for cold and hot water flow measurements.
The meter design conforms to requirements of the Russian and international standards.
It can be installed in horizontal, vertical or inclined position of scale as well as on vertical pipelines.
On request a backwater gate valve can be mounted into the meter to prevent the water flow in reverse direction.
Design of the flow part features the increased wear resistance.
All materials used for manufacturing of meters have been approved for application by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.
Meters were listed in the State Register of Instruments of the Russian Federation under № 16078-05.
Warranty period:  42 months.
Recalibration interval:
when installed for cold water – 6 years;
when installed for hot water – 6 years.
Основные параметры: 

Parameter name


Nominal size Dn, mm


Nominal flow rate   [m3/h]


Sensitivity threshold, max [m3/h]


Device length with fittings, L1   [mm]


Mounting dimensions

of meter

G ¾

of fittings

G ½

Weight without kit of mounting parts, kg, max